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Flag Matching Game

4.0 ( 180 ratings )
Hry Vzdělávání Educational Puzzle
Vývojář: Lightwood Consultancy Ltd
0.99 USD

Our Flag Matching Game is a universal application for iPhone and iPad which contains a few simple puzzles that test your knowledge of the flags of the world.

1. Simple Match - draw lines to connect the name of the country to its flag.

2. Memory match - touch tiles to reveal country names and flags, and find the pairs

3. Flag memory match - touch pairs of tiles to find matching flags

4. Continent sort - Drag the flags to sort them into the different continents they belong to

5. Identify Continents - Touch flags to identify countries from one continent from a larger group


If you have questions or comments, please contact enquiries@lightwood.net. We cant respond to you if you leave a review!

To the person reporting that flags are labelled incorrectly... which one/ones? If you think we made a mistake (and we did extensive QA, so we dont think we did) please tell us *what it is*. Thank you.